BH February 18 -21 Update

February 18 – 21 Update

Betsy Rose got her acupuncture/TENS treatment last Saturday. Some of her lab work came back, but not all, and Dr. Julia pulled another test (thyroid) this past Monday but we likely won’t have those results back until next week. From what we do know, Betsy’s glucose is high and her kidneys are a little stressed. But her CBC results were good. Once we get additional test results back, we will know more. She wouldn’t lay down in her stall so we stripped it and switched the shavings to pelleted bedding but she still won’t lay down in there. But in the mornings, she goes right out after breakfast and naps in the sun. She gets a hooficure tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers.

Athena got an acupuncture treatment last Saturday too.

Athena is so pretty. We’re not sure what breed she is but there’s some draft in there. Her hock boots should be here tomorrow, I hope.

Two beautiful mares – Athena and Serenity.

Athena getting some extra attention on Monday. Wanda brought her 4H Saddlebusters Club to help out and almost all of the horses got a good and much needed grooming.

Ruby getting some extra attention on Monday. I thought she was going to fall asleep and fall over she enjoyed it so much!

Amber and Baby Ray impatiently waiting on their hay to be unloaded from the trailer a few days ago. We have to make another hay run, hopefully, tomorrow. With the cold temps, we are going through a bit more. It’s already below freezing here tonight.

Amber is such a sweet little mare – she really would make someone a very nice horse. She’s a TWH looking for a forever home.

Donovan and Bryce playing gelding games.

Baby Ray being, well, Baby Ray. I wasn’t sure how many blankets I’d find torn to shreds this morning. But I guess everyone realized how much they need them and all were intact.

Matilda proudly wears Gentleman’s blanket. I know he wouldn’t mind. I’ll never stop missing him. Dr. Mangan will be here tomorrow to check out Matilda’s eyes.

Tomorrow is a big day – Dr’s. Mangan and Simonson will be here and two farriers will be coming too. Everyone here is bundled up. We’re so blessed that the the horses all have a blanket. This is Sisco.

Guess who got their tail braided on Monday?

We are so blessed to have a dependable truck. The tractor is in the shop and we sure do miss it. It makes for more work when we don’t have it. But at least we found a local place to repair it. The picked it up last Friday and we are waiting on a cost estimate.

A beautiful sunny, but cold day!

And last photo for tonight. The mare that started it all – my heart horse. Beauty.

February 20th

Aalayeh Belle – when I look at her I see Momma Sue through and through. She came up to have a knee injury checked while Dr. Julia was here.

Matilda seemed so proud of herself today when Dr. Mangan examined both of her eyes and she even allowed him to flush her tear duct without any sedation! The good news is that the issue in her right eye is believed to be Immune-Mediated Keratitis. It is being treated with medication and the cloudiness should improve over the next couple of weeks. The other good news is that her left eye which had tears a lot is fine – it was as suspected – a clogged tear duct. This is something that gets overlooked a lot in horses. When Donovan got here, he had discharge running down both of his eyes that went untreated – there were open sores that flies loved. He has some permanent scars from this. His tear ducts were flushed during his initial exam upon intake and both were clogged. Anyway, Matilda should be fine. Dr. Mangan wants to look at her eyes again in a couple of weeks. The bad news for Matilda, well, there isn’t any!

We are so excited about Daisy’s progress! She’s had two BCG injections now over the past few weeks and we are seeing positive changes around both of her eyes. The tumors have shrunk! She gets oral supplements and a topical applied daily. We are staying positive about her recovery. BELIEVE!

Dr. Mangan also did an examination on Betsy Rose. She’s been blind in her right eye since the day she arrived – it’s totally clouded over. But she’s been startling a bit more lately and we thought having her eyes examined would be a good thing to do. Well, sadly, she is losing vision in her left eye too.

Betsy Rose has polycoria – you can see in the photo it looks like she has two pupils. It’s a very good thing that she’s had time here to get to know her way around. She knows she’s safe here, and loved very much. We’ll put bubble wrap on her if we have to!

“It was a really busy day today – As you know, Dr.’s Mangan and Simonson were here and Laura and Stephanie were here too! They do our hooficures. I’m feeling better but Mommy Theresa’s arm isn’t doing very well. Well, have a good night everyone. Freckles is getting ready to tell Lucy a bedtime story about one of her travel adventures – they do this almost every night. Sweet dreams everyone!” says Betsy Rose.

February 21st

The Bridle Brigade of Levy County came out today – I’m so glad that the weather was better! Lots of horses got some extra attention and some of the chores got done pretty quickly!

The mini “Welcome Committee!”

We really appreciate Misti and her group taking the time to come and we always enjoy sharing the horses.

Doesn’t Matilda look like she is smiling? In my opinion, we should always take every opportunity we can to help educate the horse owners of tomorrow.

The entire Beauty Haven’s herd thanks you all for your continued love and support.