March 7 – 10 Update: JoJo, Sophie, CaryLou, and More!

March 7th

"Mommy Theresa whatcha working on? Can I help?"

JoJo is almost getting too big to come and go from the office. Look at that backside! Lol! It’s not as big as it looks – there’s LOTS of hair there.

A big "thank you" to everyone who came out today to help! The new replacement fencing was put up and chores were finished early!

These two little helpers (Jazzy and JoJo) were all over the place! I had to ask Eva to keep JoJo off the stairs long enough for me to get the dog gate closed.

Marie and I even had a special helper in the office!

Sophie had a good day. She seemed very relaxed and content. Dr. Julia had one emergency call after another today (the weather has been nuts which can cause colic) so she rescheduled for Monday morning unless we need her before then. She sounded so tired when she called this afternoon – I hope she gets some rest. Watching Sophie rest made me want to curl up next to her and sleep too.

Sophie would have stood there all day for Ruth to groom and dote on her.

My three shadows. Love these long ears!

March 8th

"Good morning everybody! Do you know time sprung forward last night? Does that mean we lost an hour of sleep?"

March 9th

Sophie has been vetted and Dr. Bess Darrow is taking care of her teeth. Her overgrown feet will be taken care of later in the week.

Sophie was very good for Dr. Julia today. We’re still waiting for her lab work results.

March 10th

Good morning from the gang! How is everybody this morning? It’s going to be 88 degrees here today – going to have to get out the fans! Maybe the Portacool’s too!

And good morning from Mishka and Athena!

Cookie is doing so well. Her surgical site is, well, it looks great! We check and clean both eyes daily. She has no tear duct in her left eye and wears a mask most all of the time.

Mishka got a good bath today – it was 86 degrees! When Mishka moves, so does everything around him! He’s better, but still has quite a bit of muscling left to do, so the exercise is good for him. He still has problems holding up his back legs for very long.

Poor Mishka has no tail. Not even enough to put an extension on. But he’s covered.

CaryLou is a hoot when Dr. Bess comes. He always wants to be the first in her dental office on wheels! He pulls the rugs off and stomps them – he’s hilariouis! He walks right in and makes himself at home! Little E seems to be thinking, "He’s not mine!"

“Lily look! That should be me up there in that picture! We need to tell Dr. Bess Darrow that I’m the best little mascot there is! I could go everywhere with her and show the big horses not to be afraid to climb right up in her dental office – whatcha think?"

CaryLou knows no fear. Lol

Crista and Tracey visited this afternoon – they got to know the mini’s really well. Thanks for visiting ladies!

CaryLou has always been a very sweet and "innocent" boy. Oh my gosh he’s a hoot! He was coughing some today during a romp around the house with Lily. His trachea still collapses now and then. Here’s a "baby" picture.

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