March 21st – 23rd Update

March 21st

Yesterday, we were blessed with a group of visitors from the Equine Photographers Network! What an awesome group of people! EPN is an international association of 200+ photographers! Betsy Rose was the main attraction and she soaked up the extra attention (and the cameras)! EPN is having their Winter Meet Up in Ocala through this week and we greatly appreciate Carien Schippers including us in the schedule – it’s truly an honor!

Betsy Rose is in front of all of those cameras!

The weather was a bit toasty and we didn’t have any volunteers yesterday so we weren’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been. All the horses did get a good makeover on Thursday by volunteers but we had a very heavy dew early Friday am and, of course, most of the horses decided to roll and get filthy.

It was awesome seeing Carien again, and Darlene. And it was a pleasure to meet so many other wonderful people that are passionate about capturing the beauty that horses offer! Take a few minutes to look at Carien’s website at and her ImagEquine Facebook page. If you visit the EPN Facebook page, or website, you can learn more about their great network which is an excellent online resource for equine photographers – it represents photographers worldwide! And, oh my gosh, be careful – you can find yourself looking for hours and hours at the many beautiful photos! If you are looking for an equine photographer, career development through education, portfolio reviews by peers, and so much more in equine photography – EPN is the place to start!

I came across this photo tonight of Princess and Gentleman and wanted to share. I still look out my bedroom window each morning, remembering Gman under his tree and wishing he was still there. I miss them both, very much.

Katherine, one of our wonderful volunteers, on Donovan – a big, comfy, sofa horse.

March 22nd

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! And the fact that ALL of the horses/donkeys here now have the cost of their spring vaccinations covered is a HUGE worry off my plate! Thank you Jeanne for sharing my wish to make it happen and thank you to those that donated!

So, tomorrow is my birthday. "Tomorrow" really is a good word! But we never really know if tomorrow will come for any of us, do we? I think we always need to make the best of our tomorrows starting in this very moment.

The past year, well, where did it go? There were lots of ups and downs, tears both good and bad, and memories made that can never be taken from me that I’ll cherish forever. We lost so many beloved horses over the past year – it takes a toll on the heart. But most of them come to us in poor condition and the effects of neglect take a toll – we are blessed to have the time we are granted with them – be it an hour, a day, no matter how long.

I’m blessed with a great family – a wonderful husband who has helped me achieve my dream and he continues to work hard beside me to maintain it, and our two wonderful (adult) kids who support my passion and make us so very proud with their accomplishments! I’m blessed by the support of a Village of great people who believe in what we do and help us to continue in our mission to help horses. We have awesome volunteers and I’m surrounded by horses that are happy! What more could I ask for? Well, maybe a few more volunteers; a few more hours in a day and a couple more days in a week; a short family vacation with my family would be nice; and a winning lottery ticket which would enable us to help more horses which would be great!

Thank you all for being part of our Village and thank you for all you do! I know you also make sacrifices to help the horses – we truly appreciate all of you. We’re calling it a day here – have a great night everyone, and thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!