March 31st – April 5th Update

March 31st

Beauty getting her acupuncture treatment today. She’s no worse. We are still icing her feet.

I said I’d never ride a horse again with an English saddle but I couldn’t resist. I’m an incomplete quadriplegic and can’t feel anything below my neck – I’m just not comfortable in an English saddle. Well, yesterday Kylie had just finished riding Romeo and the saddle was calling me – I couldn’t resist! And I needed a little break – it was wonderful.

We do have someone coming to meet Romeo tomorrow – he’s so sweet. Please pray that she will be the right one for him – he deserves his own home where he’ll get lots of one on one attention!

April 3rd

I should have known when I got to the barn this am and found one of Betsy Rose’s friends floating in her water bucket that the day may not be a normal one. Freckles stayed with her until help arrived.

Amber Cream looks a little silly in this mask – it’s too big for her. But I wanted to show you all how beautiful she is – look at those dapples!

Amber is a Tennessee Walking Horse looking for a forever home. She’s young, smart, and willing.

Beauty gave us quite a scare today when she experienced choke for the very first time in her life. Thankfully, we were able to clear the choke before the vet arrived.

Her choke, coupled with her feet issues, really shook us up here today. I’m waiting for the vet to get back to me upon reading the x-rays but there is more rotation. Please continue to keep Beauty in your prayers.

April 4th

Beauty today. Makes me feel better.

Willow is the mare whose owner recently passed away. This sweet girl is our Easter save and I can’t wait to get her to the rescue – she needs a total makeover, but she’s a diamond in the rough!

We have enough funds to cover her initial vetting, dental, and farrier needs but she needs sponsors to help with her monthly care. You can sign up for a recurring monthly donation through our website, over the phone, etc. Or, snail mail works too! Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small.