Silver Belle, Cisco, Donks, Peaches & More! May 14th ~ May 21st 2015 Update

May 14th

What do these two now have in common? Permanent tracheotomies!

May 16th

Good morning everyone! Daisy’s full of smiles today! It’s going to be another very busy and hot day here. Before it got too busy we wanted to wish everyone a great day!

My escorts this morning. Duke beside me in the golf cart seat, Jazzy leads, JoJo stays right beside me. LOL Have a great day everyone!

Remember Silver Belle? She was also raised by Momma Sue, Aaleyah Belles mom. She’s loved. This is what helps to motivate us to keep going – happy horses, happy humans!

May 17th

I wish I could end the day with some good news but I can’t. In fact, I’d like to ask for prayers for one of our horses and his adoptive parents. Some of you may remember Cisco – an older Haflinger pony cross that came to us in 2012 from a home where the owner was a meth user. I got a call from his adoptive humans this evening – he was colicing – thought to be a twist. I haven’t heard back from anyone yet but I hope and pray he’s working through it. He’d been given fluids, etc. Cisco is a lovely soul – he keeps watch over Tia and Tess – two donkeys that were also adopted from us.

We lost Cisco to colic which is a dreadful thing. Thank you Tony and Michelle for giving him a wonderful home and the love and care he deserved. Rest in Peace Cisco – we love you, always.

May 18th

JoJo’s ears are still growing!

May 20th

Betsy Rose on her evening walk about.

I’d say Serenity really hit the Jackpot! Thank you Phil for giving her a wonderful forever home!

Radar ears waiting for me at the bottom of the office stairs! JoJo is a hoot!

If only all of the property could be so green. This is Frosty’s Knoll – a very special place.

The trio of donks is never very far away. Of course, JoJo is always first followed by Jazzy and then Daisy.

Cookie is doing well. She got a hooficure this past weekend from Laura Ritonia-Castaños. And one of Cookie’s best friends, Kim Furse, held for Laura. We truly appreciate them!

Well, our snowbirds are gone until the fall. We’re going to miss you Suzanne, LouAnn, and Ginny!

Suzanne walking Peaches

LouAnn having fun with Lily.

Ginny and Fancy

May 21st

Donovan is a huge teddy bear. Such a kind horse. And big. Really big.