A baby? Yes! Foxy & Timmie

Foxy is a baby mini horse that was born on June 14th, 2015 with an eye injury. The owner, who works full time, reached out for help because they are not able to apply meds to the baby’s eye that are required every 2 hours. We named her Foxy because her beautiful tail looks like a fox tail! She’s always swishing it.

Welcome to Beauty’s Haven little one!

First things first – eye meds!

Timmie got a needed bath.

Timmie has some scars and marks on her. Her owner said they had recently bought her at auction, pregnant, where they were told she rides and drives so I’m thinking the marks are from ill fitting tack. A little boy rode her through the auction.

Timmie is chowing down on some forage. I think they will be ok. We’ll have the vet out to do complete physicals and blood work. Timmie will need to see the dentist and farrier too. And we want to get Foxy’s eye checked out again too by our vet.

This little girl and her daughter will never go through the auction circuit again. We don’t know how old Timmie is – her coggins says 8 but I don’t know that it is accurate. We will see what Dr. Bess says.

Timmie is going to be even more beautiful once she fills out and tones up!

I just realized – Foxy was born on Betsy Rose’s birthday!

Here’s Foxy’s cute little tail in action! Giving meds every 2 hours can be tiring but it’s worth saving an eye. We will have Foxy’s eyes checked out by one of our vet’s tomorrow.

What a great day for Bob on Father’s Day – helping a baby girl and her momma! Katie is home today too. We miss Joshua though – he is at work. Happy Father’s Day Bob – we love you!

Foxy and her mom, Timmie, have settled in. What a great day!