Baby needs plasma… June 21st ~ 24th Update

June 21st

Timmie and Foxy. Look at that tail!

June 22nd

"Hi everybody! I’ve got a name! I’m Foxy! I’m learning that it’s ok for humans to touch me. I have an eye boo boo. I don’t like getting my eye medicine but soon it will be all healed. I have to go now. Talk to you later!"

The stress rings on Timmie’s little hooves tell a story. I don’t know what the story of her past is, but its history now. Life is starting all over for this little mare.

"Can someone tell me what a fox tail is? The humans keep saying that I have one – I want to see!"

June 23rd

Foxy was really good for Dr. Specht. She does have a really large ulcer that needs aggressive treatment. We’ll know more tomorrow based on some tests done today. Her blood work came back and I’ll share more about this tomorrow – it’s not great but I’ve seen worse. It’s been a very long day and we are all tired.

Please keep Foxy in your prayers. Timmie’s blood work wasn’t great either – typical of a horse that has not received proper care. She’s thought to be about 8 years old. We’ll be working on building up both of their immune systems. Please pray that they get better. I’ll update more tomorrow.

I’d like to ask for good thoughts and prayers for Willow. The vet will be seeing her today. She has some lumps on her forehead that have increased in size. It’s going to be something simple, it just is. She’s a sweet mare.

June 24th

Foxy’s blood work wasn’t great. She may be getting plasma today. She’s got some things going on and babies can take a dive really fast. She’s fascinated with her new friend that Auntie Betsy Rose gave her.

Dr. Specht will be out to run plasma soon. Foxy’s temp has been high most of the day and she’s not trying to nurse much.

Foxy got her plasma. I’m glad she’s so small. Dr. Ted says she is his smallest equine patient ever. She’s just precious. And fragile.

“Precious one, so small, so sweet. Dancing in on angel’s feet. Straight from heaven’s brightest star. What a miracle you truly are!”

Artwork by Greg Ambrose.