Barb Wire Injury – new arrival June 9th ~ June 12th Update

June 9th

The first song I heard on the radio this morning is Betsy’s Song "I Can See Clearly Now"! I’m taking that as a sign that it’s going to be a bright sun-shiny day!

We have strange things happen here. This dust storm came out of nowhere.

What a hard life these little ones live….

Daisy and her favorite front porch. Lol

June 10th

Mercedes says Serenity can share my stall anytime. We’re buddies now.

This little guy is about 10 years young and had a bad injury from barb wire that was not being treated and he has a large lump on the side of his face. It’s still an open case so I’m not in a position to provide more details at this time. I named him Rascal. He’s such a sweet horse. Look at those soft, kind eyes.

Rascal has a large mass on the right side of his face.

He has a barb wire injury – humans were seen riding him like this. Thankfully, a concerned person saw this and called authorities.

Rascal would bite at his injury while the flies were having a feast off of it – I just can’t imagine. We’ll get this taken care of as well as the mass on his face, his feet, teeth, etc.

Rascal’s feet obviously hadn’t been tended to in a long, long time.

There is almost no frog in any of his feet.

June 11th

Thankfully, Rascal is very good about letting us treat his barb wire injury.

He was really good with Dr. Julia Simonson for his exam. Blood work was done and a fecal.

The Summer Whinnies are so easy to use! Learn more about them at the website They are absolutely a great product.

Matilda – love those long ears! We’ve had to start putting medication in her right eye again.

June 12th

A cool bath first thing in the morning. I think Willow likes it!