Beauty, Foxy, Sophie, Willow, and more! June 30th ~ July 5th Update

June 30th

"Good morning everybody! I want to show you my other eye!"

Foxy’s tail is pretty long for only being 2 weeks old.

"I’m still trying to get a good look at my fox tail!"

"Mommy Theresa asked me to make a funny face, so here goes!"

July 1st

"Happy Wednesday morning everyone! I hope everyone has a really good day!"

Good morning from Timmie and Foxy and all of us here!

"Looky! I have another flymask! Do you like it?"

Foxy’s Moves

Lucy is another one that somehow misplaces her flymask.

July 2nd

Good morning everybody. I would like to share this picture of Beauty doing something she hasn’t done in months. I moved her to another paddock last night and she started doing her Arabian dance – running and frolicking and showing off for the first time since she foundered. It was truly beautiful!

Dr. Bess Darrow (Tune Ups Veterinary Equine Dentistry and Services) checking out Foxy’s little teeth peeking through her gums. Timmie got her teeth done as well. OMG! Look how cute her teeth are!

Timmie was great for her dental.

Keeping Foxy entertained while Dr. Bess Darrow works on her mom’s teeth is no easy task!

Next up for his dental was Rascal!

July 3rd

The skies have opened up and the winds are sporadically horrible.

July 4th

We wish everyone a very safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

July 5th

"Look at my fox tail Auntie Elizabeth! Can you scratch more to the side please?"

From Handsome’s adoptive mom: Handsome was good enough to stay still so his mane could get some badly needed work. Romeo was VERY jealous at the attention that Handsome received.

Meet Mocha. She’s adorable. She’s about 4 months old and isn’t used to humans. But, like Jazzy, she’ll come around.

Here is a better photo of the lumps on Willow’s forehead.

"Mommy Theresa, now I know why the horses line up outside the feed room door – there’s lots of goodies in here!"

"Mommy Theresa let’s play you stack them up and I’ll knock them over and we can play hop scotch!"

Foxy just loves to visit with the humans – here she is visiting with Julie, Chris, and Roe.

I try to desensitize the babies to just about everything – I think it helps them the rest of their lives. JoJo is a good example. Foxy walks up behind me and pushes the back of my leg/knee with her nose when she wants attention. She may be a bit spoiled.

"Scratch a little lower Mommy Theresa!" And yes, I do have a farmers tan. Lol

It’s hard to believe nobody has applied to adopt JoJo and Jazzy as yet.

"Come on ball – let’s go find Sal, Betsy Rose and Freckles, and the others!"

Foxy will sleep just about anywhere. She’s like the energizer bunny until she just runs out of gas. Then she just plops and sleeps. Sure wish I could do that!

Foxy behaved very well for Dr. Mangan last week. Her eye is better but still has a ways to go. For some reason everyone wants to take photos of her. Dr. Specht looked at it again on Friday and was pleased with the progress.

Dr. Specht checked out Timmie too – she’s been coughing some. We think its an allergy.

Sophie and Willow. Sophie is one of the smoothest riding horses I’ve ever been on. She’s looking for a forever home.