Meet Sawyer! June 18th Update

Lucy has been staying at the barn with the temps being 100+ degrees during the day – she’s not sweating. Thankfully, the new PortaCool arrived! Many thanks to the sponsor that took care of this!

Willow got a bath earlier in the week and a hooficure today. Thank you Cindy and Roe for helping today!

Some have asked how Beauty is doing – I’m happy to report that she is still recovering but she is better. She won’t be on grass for awhile (she was on a short walk from the paddock to her stall in this photo) but she is better which makes me feel much better. Thank you for caring.

Betsy Rose with DJ, a Tuesday volunteer that comes with her husband, Larry.

Meet Sawyer, an elderly pony that has joined our herd. He’s a sweet old (30+ years) soul – he reminds me a lot of our dear Casper whom we miss very much.

Sawyer will be getting his exam tomorrow by Dr. Julia Simonson, including blood work. Dr. Bess Darrow will be checking out his teeth on July 2nd. Hooficure today. Would anyone like to help sponsor this grand old boy?

Lots of hooficures! JoJo, Jazzy, Daisy, Lily, Ebony, Classy, Willow, Sophie, Donovan, Betsy, and our latest arrival, an elderly pony named Sawyer.

"Don’t laugh JoJo – you’re next! And Mommy Theresa says if we behave we can go out and play after our hooficures. So behave – I want to go play in the sprinklers with CaryLou!"

The donks were all well behaved for their hooficures today! Donkeys are so smart and they love to please but if they don’t want to do something, well, you just don’t tell a donkey what to do! I’m so proud of them for behaving today!

"But Mommy Theresa how come JoJo gets to work in the office and I don’t?" CaryLou is a stinker! His trachea still collapses now and then. But he hasn’t done his fainting goat impression lately.

Rascal’s barb wire injury is healing nicely. The socks from sure do help a lot.

Athena is so sweet – and beautiful! We are taking adoption applications on her now. She’s an easy keeper and would make a nice pasture pal.