“I am donkey hear me bray!” & July 16th ~ July 20th Update

July 17th

"Mommy Theresa – I know you’re in there! It’s raining out here and I want to come in and help in the office! Come on, open up, ok? Please?"

"Betsy Rose I really don’t know how that flymask got there or who is supposed to be wearing it. It’s too big to be JoJo’s so it must be Baby Ray’s. Mommy Theresa says he always gets his off too. Doesn’t he know he could get in trouble!"

Rascal will be having the lump on his nose removed the week of July 27th. We are now taking adoption applications on him.

Sawyer is putting some weight on. He’s a very sweet pony.

Classy enjoying a bath in the hot weather.

JoJo still doesn’t get that he doesn’t fit in the golf cart anymore.

"Daisy I bet I can hold my right ear back longer than you can hold your right leg up!"

Siesta time. Mocha and Daisy have become very good friends.

Foxy is so tiny – she can hide almost anywhere! We’re going to have to get her some Rhythm Beads with a bell for her mane!

"Come on mommy! Just back up under here and then wiggle around – it’s a great back scratcher! Oh no! I’m sorry mommy but you won’t fit! I’ll do it some for you too, ok?"

"If I stand here long enough somebody will open the door and I’ll run right in – there’s goodies in there!"

"Mommy Theresa what is this???? My butt is dark! Why am I changing colors? Am I going to be ok? I look silly!"

"Lookie everybody! Dr. Mangan looked at my eye today and it’s all better! Did you know that I have one blue eye? Yep, that’s how I was made!"

Have I ever mentioned that Donovan is big? I mean massive!

July 18th

They have their own shelter to stay dry under and where do they choose to stand? And of course they look at you and then you feel sorry for them so you open up the barn. Lol

July 19th

Mocha is going to feel so much better after getting clipped! It will make me feel better too!

I often wonder what is going on in her cute little head. She’s always thinking. lol

I’m really glad that Jazzy is much more himself. He was running around playing with JoJo today for the first time in days. We had to put the ramp at the bottom of the front porch stairs to keep JoJo off the porch. lol

Foxy welcoming Auntie Barb yesterday.

Foxy has all of the humans trained to give her scratches.

Cookie and Ruby taking their afternoon nap.

Foxy was a month old on July 14th. She’s grown about three inches and has almost doubled her weight! I’d say she’s a healthy and happy little girl!

"I am donkey hear me bray! I don’t whinnie, I don’t neigh. If I have to – I can do anything! I am strong, I am invincible – I am donkey!"

Silly JoJo. He’s a hoot!

It’s coming.

Here we go again…

July 20th

Oh no. Not at all! Those boys get a lot of attention!

Peaches is looking good. She still has issues in her front right though.