People’s Choice Award! A boy and his horse & more! July 22nd~ July 30th Update

July 22nd

"I still fit under the golf cart! It makes a great scratching post! I’m a still morphing into a different color. I think I’m going to look like my mommy and she’s beautiful!"

Matilda and Peaches had a hooficure today.

July 23rd

A year ago today Gentleman made his journey to Rainbow Bridge to join his friend, Jake. Life hasn’t been the same here since. The stories don’t come like they used to – the "writer’s block" still lingers. The heart still hurts and the tears still come now and then. GMan was an icon here – he was loved by so many. He had the heart of a champion – he was, and always will be a champion. I still get up each morning and look out the window for him where he used to stand under his tree with his friends. He’s not there – but he is. He always will be.

We love you Gentleman, always.

July 25th

Some of you remember Samantha and Joy, I’m sure. We intercepted Sammi before she got on a truck going to a holding facility where she would have gone to slaughter in 2009. She was very much pregnant. I’ll never forget when Joy was born a couple of months later – she started running around before her feet even hit the ground! They were adopted by a dear friend, Kara that year. Sadly, we lost Sammi last year to bone cancer. But I’m so thankful for the time that Sammi had with Joy and Kara knowing love and TLC.

Kara sent me this lovely photo of Joy yesterday – isn’t she beautiful?

And then there’s Magnum – he’s looking mighty handsome! Melissa and her family adore him.

This photo was taken the day Magnum arrived at the rescue in December 2013.

And we’re very happy for Sophie Blue Eyes. She landed in the arms of her own little boy yesterday in a home where there’s shade! Sophie Blue Eyes is one of the sweetest horses ever. This is what we want for all of them – a loving forever family. They deserve this and its times like this that help us get through the tough times – just look at the smile on her young man’s face!

Foxy loves to be in the middle of everything! Here she is helping Auntie Ruth Wittmann clean Betsy Rose’s stall. lol

July 26th

Why am I not surprised to find him at the bottom of the stairs? lol

July 27th

I’m still a bit under the weather here but I have a Dr’s. appointment tomorrow. In the mean time, I want to remind everyone it’s time for Foxy and Timmie to find their loving, forever home. Foxy’s eye is healed and they are both healthy and ready to go. This is one of the hardest parts of rescue – but they deserve their own human family and home.

We are taking applications on Foxy and Timmy for the next 2 weeks. Please visit our Adoption page and read our adoption criteria. If you meet the criteria and are interested in applying please PM me.

Foxy is uphill in this photo which makes her look bigger than she is. She’s like a little pocket rocket all over the place. She’s curious – wants to get into everything!

Sharing some news from Loretta Armstrong! She entered her painting "JoJo and Gentleman" in the County Fair in Amador County, Plymouth, California! She was honored by the "People’s Choice" award. They all loved JoJo and Gentleman!

We will be offering note cards, coasters and other items depicting this lovely artwork. It’s just truly beautiful! JoJo and Gentleman – I just love them, always! Thank you Loretta and congratulations! I so needed a pick me up!

July 28th

Good night everyone!

July 29th

We are now taking applications for Timmie and Foxy! Timmie is a very good mommy and she has a really sweet disposition. Foxy is just a baby – full of energy and curiosity. Timmie is 8 years old and Foxy was born on June 14th, 2015.

Please share their information and help us to find them a perfect forever loving home. Adoption info is pinned at the top of our Adoption page.

At the end of the day – another storm rolling in. The storms have been horrible lately. I’ve heard many accounts of horses and cows being struck and killed by lightening around this area.

July 30th

It would be so nice is everyday could start like this! I woke up finally feeling better this am. It was a cool morning and did something out of character for me because there is always so much to do. I texted Roe to come for a ride and that’s just what we did!

Bryce has been in training and he came back yesterday. He will be leaving early next week. He’s under saddle now and will continue to have fun learning with his adoptive mom. That’s right! He’s going to have his own human and home!

I have to wonder what Waylon and Bryce were talking about here.

We stopped to let the boys visit a bit with Baby Ray and Mishka.

I think the photo of Waylon stopping by to visit with Sophie is adorable.

It would be even nicer if we could end each day like this. But, after about 20 minutes this morning I had to go to work. But it was wonderful to get out and do this!

Foxy isn’t much bigger than Kitty Cat.

Some of you may remember Lace an Rayo? Well, look at them! I love getting updates on our horses and seeing the happiness they bring to others!

Oh – one more announcement to share before calling it a day. We have an application for JoJo and Jazzy! I get butterflies in my tummy thinking about it but it will all be ok. They will only go to the right home. We’ll be doing a site visit next week and the prospective adopters will be coming to visit. Our boys – I can’t imagine them being gone. But it’s not far from her at all. We’ll see how things pan out.

How JoJo ended up with his flymask like this, well, I have no idea.

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