JoJo wants everyone to hop on board! Update Oct 12th – 17th

October 12th

Good morning from Matilda!

The girls awaiting breakfast Saturday morning as they line up at the gate.

The horsey kids helping Katie study for an exam.

Bob’s niece, Laura, stopped in for a short visit on her way to South Florida this morning! We didn’t know she was coming until last night – I couldn’t reschedule my Monday physical therapy appointment so I didn’t get to see her. She got to meet Matilda and all of the horses. I’m sorry I missed you Laura – Bob enjoyed seeing you!

Willow is doing really well. She will make someone a very nice horse.

Some of you may remember Morgan. She was adopted along with Skye last year and they are both doing great. Roxie truly adores them!

October 13th

Foxy did well for her "tie and learn to be patient lesson" this morning. DJ, Larry, Billie and Marie were here to help out. Many thanks to all of them!

Baby Ray and Athena are enjoying their time at their foster home. Athena is doing better there.

October 15th

I had a little accident in the office Tuesday evening and have to keep my foot elevated for a few days. Ice on, ice off, wearing a boot. So, I have to visit JoJo and the others from a distance for now. It’s nothing big but it’s really very bad timing (not that there would ever be a good time). But I can always count on JoJo to visit with me at the porch. He still stares at the small opening at the bottom of the front porch stairs wishing he could fit. It makes me feel badly.

Pat and Ron visited today – more wonderful people from our Village of supporters! Pat really liked Matilda. Matilda has a way of capturing everyone’s heart.

Pat and Ron also visited with Betsy Rose – another heart stealer!

Hooficure day was a huge success! Thanks everyone!

October 16th

This was a couple of weeks ago. Foxy was trying to convince me she would follow me anywhere – that she did NOT need a halter. Stinker.


What’s missing? Yep, two flymasks.

October 17th

Ruth Wittmann and Robin Landwirth manning our booth today at the Carson Springs event. Thank you ladies! Wish I could have been there!