Foxy’s Styling! Santana, Peggy Sue, Donks, & more! Oct 18 – Oct 31 Update

October 18th

“Happy Sunday everyone! Me and Daisy get to go on a big adventure today! We get to have fun around the house and on the Knoll!"

"Come on mommy Theresa! We don’t need this carrot stick but I’ve got it so let’s go! On to a new adventure!"

Off we go to explore new places and meet new faces!

October 20th

A little "Good morning!" From the mini’s! Foxy is still a wee one.

Kylie is helping Mocha get comfortable with the halter and being on a lead. She said that Mocha would look cute as a Christmas donkey and I totally agree! She’s adorable.

Athena and Baby Ray are enjoying life at their foster home. Athena is doing so much better with her arthritis now that she is outside of a herd environment. She is looking for a forever home as a companion to another horse. Thank you Sylvie and Bonnie for taking such great care of them!

October 21st

"Good morning!" Can you guess who this is?

CaryLou was a bit full of himself today. I asked him to smile for the camera and this is what I got.

Where was JoJo on this day a year ago? Hard at work in the office! He even greeted Marie at the door when she arrived.

One of our snow birds is back! Welcome back Lou Anne!

Serenity is truly loving life with Phil and her adoptive family. Thank you Phil!

Well, the time has come that we have been dreading. We had to buy our first big compressed bales of hay – the grass is pretty much dormant. And, we had to spray the property for weeds – we had creeping indigo. Much of what looked like nice green grass was actually weeds. Hay is $585 a ton and we will go through a ton every four days. Yes, it costs a lot of money here in Florida – I’m told it is much cheaper in the northern states. But here we are and it is what it is. The stress has begun…

October 22nd

"Making Friends" Zahara and Daisy

Thank you, Greg, for the lovely artwork!

October 22nd

Reviewing the day with JoJo this evening after a day of doctor appointments while trying to keep the foot safe.

October 23rd

Marie, Kathy, and Bob took great care of the horses while I was at doctor appointments all morning. It was a beautiful day.

These two were very naughty this evening. They should be ashamed of themselves! I’ll share the story tomorrow.

October 26th

Good morning from Ebony and her daughter, Lily! They are impatiently waiting for breakfast.

October 27th

Ruth and Bri pulled out the storage totes and took inventory of all of the winter blankets this past weekend. We have a few that need minor repairs, but I think everyone that needs one will be covered.

This is Peggy Sue getting a hooficure this past weekend. She has to be put in the sling because of her back leg which doesn’t bend.

Some of you may remember Santana. He’s doing great and loving life being spoiled by his adoptive human.

Remember when…
Gentleman was so gentle and patient with JoJo. Gentleman was kind and gentle to everyone. A day hasn’t gone by that I don’t think about him.

October 29th

Foxy’s mom, Timmie, has been coughing a lot and just isn’t herself. Dr. Specht came out and after examining Timmie, he decided to change her medication.

October 30th

Foxy is stylin’ in her new pink outfit! She thinks she’s "all that" and more! Not only that, her mom, Timmie, has a new halter all of her own too! Thanks RaNae!

"Mommy Theresa can you please help me open this gift?"

She was so excited to receive a gift in the mail.

"I love it, Mommy Theresa! But now what’s this? It’s another halter! I bet it’s for my mommy! Mommy come look – there’s a present for you too!"

Off she went to show off her new halter and lead to the others. She’s cute and she knows it.

October 31st

Our human kids carve great pumpkins!

The horses need your help! We operate totally off of donations from the public and it isn’t an inexpensive endeavor. For example, a bag of grain is $18 and we go through almost two bags a day. A hoof trim averages $30, every 5 weeks (average) – this week alone we need $300 for trims. A 60 lb. bale of hay averages $18. There are always many ongoing needs. Won’t you consider making a one time or recurring tax deductible donation to help us in our mission? No amount is too small and any amount is appreciated. It takes a village to enable us to continue to help horses. We invite you to join our village in making life possible for these majestic animals that give so much and ask for so little. Thank you for your consideration!

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization registered in the state of Florida (EIN: 20-4783950). We are not funded by Local, State, or Federal funds. We operate totally from donations from the public. Please consider making a one time or recurring donation to help the horses. No amount is too small and all donations are very much appreciated. We truly appreciate your support – donations are tax deductible.