JoJo, Matilda, Mishka, Foxy & the Stairs! Nov 7 – 10th Update

I’m running 2+ hours behind this morning and the horses are not happy. Getting meds in JoJo is not easy and can take awhile – I’m sure Dr. Ted would agree with me.

Big horsey yard sale today at Berrittini. Stop by and visit with Ruth and Diane!

November 9th

My little helper this morning.

Frodo and Bouie got to go on a field trip in the main paddock recently. They loved it!

Foxy stared at the baby gate at the top of the stairs for quite awhile – almost like she was trying to will it open. lol

Daisy and Mocha greeting visitors, Phil and Connie, today. Thankfully, the rains stopped just in time for their visit.

A little trip down memory lane…

The day I danced with Ivory Pal back in 2008 when they performed here at the rescue – it was a day to remember! For those of you who don’t know Ivory Pal and Rafael Valle, please check them out on Facebook. Their book "Ivory Pal~ Born to Fly Higher" is a must read!

Our three fillies – Aaleyah Belle, Silver Belle, and Buttercup having a blast a few years ago. They were quite the trio! And Momma Sue, well, she’s greatly missed. She raised these three girls and was so proud of each one of them.

November 10th

Chris gave Matilda a much needed bath today.

Dr. Ted is here checking in on JoJo’s eye.

JoJo’s ulcer is smaller, but it still has a ways to go.

"Dr. Ted, can I come in and help you look at JoJo’s eye? What’s in your toy box?" Jazzy is so cute.

Dr. Specht also checked on Mishka while he was here. Mishka has been running a high temperature at times and he now has some new inflammation in his back leg along with a sore. He’s been started on antibiotics.

Timmie and Foxy sporting their new matching halters!

Zahara is looking great! She’s a very sweet girl.