Nov 6th: JoJo’s Eye Injury & Mishka is Sick

Dr. Ted should be here any minute. Mishka is sick and JoJo has an eye issue. Not a good way to start the day.

"But mommy Theresa, I don’t want to see the vet! I mean, I want to see him but I don’t want to be the patient! I’ll keep my mask on from now on, I promise!"

Dr. Ted will be out to treat JoJo’s eye today. I see a piece of shaving in the corner of his eye but he won’t let me remove it. I just hope the eye isn’t injured. JoJo would not be a good eye patient. Would anyone like to pledge to help with today’s vet bill?

Poor boy. There’s usually a very good reason for a change in behavior – including misbehavior. Anyone who doesn’t know JoJo would have thought that he was a very rude little donkey last night. He was just very uncomfortable. I’d say there was a very good reason.

Huge superficial ulcer. This was not caused by shavings – it was some sort of grass.

Mishka is another big teddy bear – he turned down breakfast and his temp is high. He was good for Dr. Ted’s examination. Blood work was done. He’s getting cold hosed, is behind fans, and is drinking fine.

Jazzy is so cute. He was pretty concerned about JoJo today.