Betsy Rose Update – Dec 10th, 2015

Early Afternoon:

Dr. Julia is working on Betsy Rose now. Last night, when the vet put a needle in her neck to sedate her, she reared up and fell backwards and hit the wall pretty hard with her backside. She’s very uncomfortable in her back hip/leg and her respiration and heart rate go up now and again. Betsy is thankfully, more comfortable since Dr. Julia started working on her. Dr. Porter will be coming this evening.

Waiting for Dr. Porter.

This Evening:

Dr. Porter scoped Betsy and there is no tumor. My biggest concern right now is the injury to her backend from hitting the wall last night. It needs time to heal but because that leg is so unstable, I’m concerned she may go down and not be able to get back up and cause more injury. But there is no fracture. It’s the same side that was an issue when she first arrived. Oh, and she’s letting us know she’s hungry. She will be getting Wel-Gel. You can see in the photo she’s dragging the left leg. This puts a lot of strain on the rest of her body.

This sure brings back memories! With Betsy Rose in the sling, we will not have to worry about her laying down and not being able to get up throughout the night. Her leg needs time to heal without additional injury. Once we have her blood work results in the morning, we will regroup. Even though Betsy Rose recovered to a comfortable degree from being at the brink of death, her organs and entire body were affected – she will always be delicate and have special needs. But we are here for her and we will continue to try to make certain her future is everything her past should have been, always.

Freckles will be with Betsy Rose throughout the night and we will be checking on them often. Betsy was happy to get soup tonight. She’s still got the cutest little whinny. Please continue to keep our beloved Betsy Rose in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.