Betsy Rose’s Treatments, Beauty, Magic & More – BHFER Update, Dec 11th ~ 17th

December 11th

The vet came out and ran Betsy Rose some DMSO and fluids. She went for a short walk and now she’s taking a good nap which she really needs.

December 12th

Betsy resting outdoors in the sling. She’s going to be ok – believe!

December 13th

“Good morning everybody!”

Dr. Julia came to work on Betsy Rose again last evening – she is getting acupuncture and massage at this point. Her stifle seems to be what’s bothering her the most. She gets massages throughout the day. She’s eating and drinking and whinnies when she’s hungry. She’s in good spirits. She is out of the sling a bit more often each day. Baby steps. Please keep sending Betsy Rose good thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Betsy Rose Believes!

Timmie seems to have found a new way to wear her fly mask. I think that she may have been chatting with JoJo recently.

Lily had a reminder for everyone…

Hello Everyone. It’s Lilly…just want to remind you that we have lots of wishes posted. We love Christmas and seeing presents come into the barn. Hope you are having a great Sunday!!

December 14th

Betsy Rose had a pretty good day. She was out of the sling for several hours. She’s improving.

She even spent some time talking with the boys.

Foxy and Timmie still need a home!

CaryLou taking a walk with Auntie Barb yesterday.

Beauty – and that she is! And she’s the reason BHFER came to be. Good night all!

This was Dr. Julia working on Betsy on Saturday.

Handsome needs a home that is better suited for a COPD horse ASAP. There’s a video of him on our adoption page.

LadyBug, our horse with one ear, would so very much love her own home and human. Please help us find her a good home. She deserves it.

These two are joined at the hip. They are hysterical. Love them to the moon and back!

Another proud and beautiful Arabian – Magic. He’s an amazing horse. He survived being used in the disgusting and cruel Mexican “sport” of horse tripping and then landing in a home where he was beaten routinely with a 2×4 – he has every right to not trust people. But he’s a very happy horse and has come so far. I’m so proud of him!

December 15th

To say things have been hectic around here would be an understatement! I need to ask for good thoughts and prayers for Popper. She’s on her way to see Dr. Mangan – it appears something has penetrated her eye. She was out running with the mini donks when it happened.

Update: She has to have surgery to close the penetration in her cornea.

December 16th

Good morning! Dr. Julia worked on Betsy Rose again yesterday. I have not had time yet to share all of her test results yet, but we will be running more tests on Friday and by Monday, we should have a very good feel for where we are with her. I’m feeling like she will be out of the sling totally by the weekend!

I would like to ask everyone who pledged to help Betsy Rose to send their pledges in now. It has not been inexpensive endeavor but Betsy Rose is worth every dime and our wonderful professional care team does give us discounts – they are the absolute best and are so very good to us!

Betsy Rose truly loves life and the humans who love her. She’s a fighter – a true inspiration. She’s proven that miracles can, and do, happen. She’s a reminder to me when times get really tough to keep the faith and not give up. Her beautiful face and golden heart have literally pulled me up and given me strength in dark times. I can’t imagine ever being without her. I know that the day will come, sooner than we like, but hopefully, we will be blessed with many more years with her.

Thank you all for caring about this little mare that was literally discarded like garbage. She’s worth more than gold!

PS – I forgot to mention that if anyone would like to send Betsy Rose, or any of the horses here, a Christmas card, our mailing address is PO Box 53, Morriston, FL 32668.