BH Update Dec 26th 2015 – Jan 5th 2016 Update

December 26th

Betsy Rose is doing better. Zahara is still beautiful!

Bob and I actually got to go to a movie a few days ago with our kids! It’s very rare that we all get off the property at the same time. Many thanks to Ruth, Robin, Jenny, and Zoey for making it possible!

Yoda and R2-D2.

Betsy Rose isn’t so sure what to make of Baby Jingles.

Little E got some extra attention today from Jenny. The weather is crazy! The temperature felt like it was near 90 degrees!

December 27th

The moment in time when you’re working at the barn and your daughter texts: “Mom look at me! Up here – look up in the sky! Can’t you see me waving?”

December 28th

For all of our Aaleyah Belle fans….

December 30th

“Good morning Betsy Rose! Can I tell you a secret?”
Oh joy, I wonder what they’re planning? This may be another interesting day.

Foxy’s windblown look. She’s all ready with her winter coat for the cooler temps that are supposed to be coming soon.

January 2nd

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Day! It was very busy here but there were no emergencies which is always a great way to start out the year. However, we had a serious change in temps and Little E has a gas colic this morning.

“Donkey we need to find a name for you! Do you have any ideas?”

Jingle loves his roommate! Would anyone have a suggestion for a name for his friend donkey?

January 3rd

Handsome got a hooficure yesterday. He still needs a home up north.

Cookie also got a hooficure yesterday. She’s doing very well.

Jingle is simply precious.

January 4th

JoJo trying to help with morning chores. He’s hilarious!

Baby Ray is still looking for a home!

Athena is still looking for a forever home as a pasture pal.

Ruby had some visitors. She had missed Norma and was happy to see her!

Popper is still recovering from her eye injury.

Betsy Rose is still precious.

Jingle loves his toys. It’s really quite rewarding to watch him grow stronger and learn and experience more things!

January 5th

Jingle got his final shot of antibiotics on Saturday. His appetite is very good. He gets a bit impatient at times.