Betsy Rose, Jingle, & Others! Jan 6th ~ 15th 2016 Update

January 6th

Jingle has a blanket to wear so that he can go outside a bit more.

I’d say this is a happy little calf!

January 7th

My helper this morning.

January 8th

I’d like to ask those that pledged to help Jingle to follow through and send in their donation. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Our PayPal address is bhfer and there are other ways to donate that can be found on our website at

We count on assistance from our village of supporters to enable us to help those in need that are led to us – we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for having enough faith in us to help us do our job.

Not many calves are given a chance like Jingle was. He wouldn’t have lived had the man that found him on the side of the road not reached out to us for help. Vets think it’s likely that Jingles mom was a first time mom and maybe he didn’t get the milk (colostrum) he needed and was in such poor condition that he would not have lived. This may be why his mom didn’t stop the dog from dragging Jingle away. Between the many wounds from the dog attack and being dragged and tossed around like a rag doll for a good distance, septicemia, pneumonia, and other issues that Jingle overcame – I’d say he’s a pretty determined little guy! Some people have asked why we put money and time into a calf because “It’s just a calf.” The answer is easy – he’s a living being, just a baby, that was put in our path for a reason and all lives matter. This is what rescue does. Like Betsy Rose and many others that have found their way here, Jingle required around the clock care for awhile, but it was all worth it. The light, life, and wonderment in his eyes reminds us why we do what we do. And we believe…

Jingle proudly wears his own bell now, thanks to Aunties Elizabeth and Bri! He has a nice new halter too! I’ll have to get better pictures. He’s got toys in his room, balls in his room and outside the barn, and even a milk jug toy that hangs from the ceiling (thanks Kylie)! He’s doing ok with the halter – working with him now is the right thing to do – he’s not going to stay small for long. In fact, he’s gaining about 5 lbs a day!

January 9th

Daisy, one of my long ear helpers today.

My copilot.

Good night everyone!

January 12th

Woke up to find lots of frost this morning. What a drastic change of weather we have here!

What a beautiful little face to greet you in the mornings! Betsy Rose stays toasty under her heat lamps while wearing her Whinny Warmers during the cold nights.

Betsy Rose usually isn’t too far away.

Jingle and Betsy getting some extra attention from Elizabeth and Trisha.

Jingle has been getting some schooling in each day. He’s a pretty good student under halter.

January 13th

We had wonderful visitors over the weekend. Matilda was a big hit!

Dr. Mangan brought his darling kids by to meet Jingle. He’s pretty popular! I never dreamed I’d be trying to teach a cow good manners.

Betsy Rose got an acupuncture treatment from Dr. Julia last Thursday. She is still having issues with strained muscles in her back left leg.

January 15th

“Auntie Trisha can I help clean the bowls? Maybe there’s milk hiding in one!”

“Little E how did you get that name???”

“Auntie Linda, do you want to go for a ride in the golf cart?”

We were excited that Linda Jenny came to visit on Wednesday! It’s always great to meet our friends from faraway places!

Mishka is a big boy! Like the others, he enjoyed extra attention from Linda.

Kylie and Foxy getting in some play time in the round pen, although, Foxy was a bit distracted by Jingle who thought he was a race horse.

When baby Foxy and baby Jingle met, neither knew what to think of the other.