Jingle is Home!

Jingle was ready for his new adventure today. I’m not sure I was, but it would have been much harder if he wasn’t going to live with Elizabeth and Bri. I know they love him very much and will always take great care of him.

He trailered just fine and munched on hay the whole way. Once at his new home, Elizabeth and Bri walked him all around.

I’m so proud of him! He does very well on a lead!

Jingle got to meet the others – this is CJ. He’s also one of our rescues.

The horses were just fine with him.

The donks (also rescues from here) were fine too. Jingle wanted to lick everyone to introduce himself. Lol

Penny is going to love playing with him. And now he has someone to play with! It’s all good although I’m a bit at a loss. But this is what we do and he would have never left here if we had any concerns about him ending up on a dinner plate! So now we can look forward to Jingle’s new adventures with his new family!

I’m going to miss finding him at the bottom of the office stairs. And I already miss his "moo’s" that were getting pretty loud and deep! I think he was trying to get Lucy to teach him how to climb the stairs in this photo.

It’s never easy to let any of them go and I do cry, quite a bit, but we would hate to have to turn away another needing help due to lack of space and resources. Jingle is part of our family, always.

Elizabeth will continue to post updates of Jingle on our Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue Facebook page so everyone can continue to follow his antics. He’s a very special little steer. I’ll be seeing him again on Monday.

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