Losing Matilda

It’s been a tough couple of days. I’m not sure I’m ready to be on social media yet but I want to let everyone know that Matilda left this world with her friend, Little E, and humans that loved her very much by her side. I want to thank Dr. Ted Specht for being such a compassionate person – we appreciate all he’s done for Matilda.

Matilda was treated for her eyelid injury last week by Dr. Specht and Dr. Julia treated her with acupuncture just a few days ago. Matilda seemed to be doing well. And out of nowhere endotoxemia struck – it was totally unexpected. We are still in shock – it’s a tragedy. You can never be prepared for something like this. I miss Matilda very much – more than words can say.

Matilda runs with Gentleman now, and Solace. We will see them all again, someday. I’d like to ask everyone to keep Little E in your prayers. He appears to be handling it ok but he’s got to be feeling a loss – just as we are.


Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I haven’t begun to read emails or posts yet but hope to be up for that tomorrow. Again, thank you for caring about this grand old mule – she was worth more than gold. She was loved, very much.