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8 responses to “Guestbook

  1. We are currently fostering HighTower and awaiting news on his adoption, we could not be more blessed and grateful for the opportunity to bring such an amazing member into our family, what you do at beauty’s haven is truly awe inspiring and we hope and pray for the good health and fortune of all the loving creatures you work with, thank you so much for doing all you do.

  2. Hi, been away from the blog feed for awhile and was wondering if you could let me know how Solace was doing… we donated for his care back at Christmas and the last I saw he had a high fever and a smelly nasal discharge. Hope he’s still doing well. Thanks for all you do.
    Kathie Stell

  3. I am so happy to hear that Smarty Pants and Moon Shadow are doing well….prayers of healing and energy going their way everyday for them<3

  4. I love reading about your rescues, and am thankful for people like you!! My thoughts are with you guys and your rescues every day!!

  5. Prayers for Narissa, Gentleman, the new little mare and all the other horses that so desperately need help. I am so happy Baby Girl made it, she’s looking great & is one of the success stories. I will miss her much, but I’m happy that she will have a good home. She is a fighter & won out over the inhumane person that had her in the condition she was in when you first rescued her. I’m behind in all of the updates because I was out ill last week. God bless all the horses & everyone at Beauty’s Haven!! I love you Baby Girl!!!

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